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     Southern Asphalt Services LTD. is a local paving company serving Regina and surrounding areas in Southern Saskatchewan with over 30 years experience.  We pride ourselves in developing strong relationships with our customers to ensure a high performing, sustainable project.  Our products are carefully sourced and manufactured from local suppliers in Saskatchewan.

We serve industrial sectors, commercial properties, municipalities, acreages and driveways. We also specialize in tennis courts, sports courts, parking lots and pathways. Whether your next project is big or small, we’ve got you covered for your paving needs.
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Parking Lot / Roadway Construction

Southern Asphalt is a trusted partner for your construction needs. We offer quality products that are locally sourced and environmentally friendly. With over 30 years of experience, we know how to deliver projects that meet your expectations and budget. Our skilled team of professionals will collaborate with you to plan, design and build the project with the best materials and techniques. We value your time and strive to finish each project on schedule. Our expertise and resources give us an edge in our industry, as we have a ready supply of Asphalt Concrete products and Aggregate products. Whether your project is a small Driveway/Acreage, parking lot, street or cracks in the surface, our team will work efficiently to complete your project.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is the process of applying a layer of asphalt material over a prepared surface, such as a road, parking lot, or driveway. Asphalt paving provides a durable and smooth surface that can withstand traffic and weather conditions. Asphalt paving also offers benefits such as noise reduction, skid resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Asphalt paving requires careful planning and execution to ensure quality and safety. Some of the steps involved in asphalt paving are: - Site preparation: This involves clearing and grading the area, removing any existing pavement or debris, and installing drainage systems if needed. - Base installation: This involves laying a layer of crushed stone or gravel over the prepared surface, compacting it with a roller, and applying a binder coat to help the asphalt adhere to the base. - Asphalt installation: This involves spreading a layer of hot mix asphalt over the base, using a paver machine and a screed to level and smooth the asphalt, and compacting it with a roller to achieve the desired thickness and density. - Finishing touches: This involves applying a seal coat to protect the asphalt from water and UV damage, marking the pavement with lines and signs if needed, and cleaning up the site.

Slurry Seal

Slurry seal is a type of pavement preservation technique that consists of applying a mixture of water, asphalt emulsion, aggregate and additives to an existing asphalt surface. The slurry seal fills in cracks and seals the pavement, improving its skid resistance, appearance and durability. Slurry seal is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of extending the life of pavements and preventing further deterioration.


Southern Asphalt is a company that specializes in aggregate and asphalt recycling. We have a depot in the Regina area where we can process your asphalt waste and turn it into useful materials. Instead of dumping your asphalt in the landfill, we can take it and crush it into different sizes and qualities of asphalt and granular products. These products can be used for various purposes and future projects in the future.

  • Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


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